Wednesday, April 1, 2015

RV Bloggers Everywhere

Titusville, FL

I enjoy writing. I'm not sure why, I just do. Since we started fulltime RVing and WorKamping I believe I have more interesting stuff to write about. Through a long convoluted process, I found myself migrated from writing to the world of blogging. Once there I soon realized that most of my time and energy is spent editing pictures and fussing with html formating rather than writing. I have discovered that blogging has become a popular art form. Along with everyone else, I have gotten better at it as has Google Blogger. The number of bloggers is staggering.

Today was like many others. I had things I should do, things I could do, things I wanted to do, and something not even on my radar that I wound up doing. Namely this.

I started the day by turning on the computer just to check my email. Somehow I wound up on the RV Village site in the Blogging Group, reading the introductory posts by those folks who do this as a hobby. I decided to capture all the blog addresses to check out "at a later time when I could go through them at my leisure". Yea. We all know how that goes. There are twenty pages of introductory posts with about ten posts per page. Some very lengthy, some very short. Some went beyond introductions and became a message board dialog that should have been carried out in another thread.

I decided to just copy/paste the web addresses. No names or commentary. When I finished, the unedited list was 132 items long. That's a lot of RV bloggers. Who knows how many there are who are not included in RV Village ... and how about those blogging on subjects other than blogging?

With 132 listings to deal with (a self imposed chore), I changed my plan. I am going to list them all for you to see with no comment or description. Later as I go through them, I'll try to add a few words. I have done the first few just to display my scheme. Why am I doing this? Beats the h**l out of me. This list of blogs is in approximately alphabetical order (by link name) – at least it started out that way. Now as I'm going through the process, I'm finding more blogs, more lists of blogs, and more websites hosting blogs. So now the list is bigger than just those on RV Village. OMG! What have I started.

Volunteers accepted. Feel free to tackle the list yourself. Then I would appreciate your comments on what you see. Comments that I can copy/paste into the body of the post would be greatly appreciated. Especially let me know about non-working links if you find them before I do. Also check out the blogs shown in the banner at the top of this page. Those are all excellent RV related blogs. So, here goes ...


Blog Name:
Not in alphabetical order but this one has to come first. It is a website of RV travel blogs. Their Mission: To be the best site to find RV Travel Adventures and Journals. Check it out.

Blog Name: 4Gs Living The Dream
Blog Owner: Steve and Patti
Blog built on Wordpress. Travel chronicles of two fulltimers (plus two pets) in their second year of fulltiming.

Blog Name: Adam & Chris Koeppel's Travels
Blog Owner: Chris Koeppel
Description/Comments: Website with travel journal built on Shutterfly. Sixteen year fulltimers.

Blog Name: Adventure Hounds ... on the scent to new adventure
Blog Owner: Dorothy McDaniel
Website with commentary on a variety of subjects and a travel journal included. Started fulltiming in autumn 2013. McDaniels are dog lovers so their dogs figure prominently in their words and pictures.

Blog Name: Ahrens' Adventures
Blog Owner: John & Nikki Ahrens
Website with a travel journal included.

Blog Name: Airstream Moho-A-Go-Go
Blog Owner: Mark and Nancy
Website covering many subjects with an RV travel blog buried deep inside. Lots of fun stuff and an interesting writing style. Nice work with pictures. (Nancy is a photographer)

Blog Name: the Amazing Vanstones
Blog Owner: Marilyn and Larry Vanstone
Very nice website. The category 'RV Adventures' has 1,125 postings

Blog Name: Gypsy Gibberish
Blog Owner: Wendy
Not so much a travel blog but some nice RV Park reviews and an awesome list of 'Great RV Blogs'

Blog Name: We Are The Carneys!
Blog Owner: Amy Carney
Well constructerd website. Family oriented. Nice stories by a mother of one daughter and triplet sons. Not a travelog.

Blog Name: RVing Adventures of the O'Keeffes
Blog Owner: Barb and Dave O'Keeffe
Travel postings back to 2007 by fulltimers for eight years. Also pages on favorite wineries and breakfast restaurants. One page on geocaching.

Blog Name: bkamericanodyssey ... Bill and Kelly taking on America
Blog Owner: Bill and Kelly
Blog on Wordpress. New bloggers and probably new RVers. First post May 2014. Off to a good start. Nice pictures, well written, interesting stories.

Blog Name: On the Road Again ... Travels with Linda and Jim
Blog Owner: Linda Goudelock
Nice travel diary. Posting going back to Oct 2008

Blog Name: Camp and Cache ... Bringing Camping and Geocaching Together
A small blog where the members of the Virginia Campers document their rallys. Not a travel blog but it looks like they have a good time. No posts for about a year.

Blog Name: Casa Rodante – Our House On Wheels
Blog Owner: Roger
Husband and wife doing their thing in an Airstream and counting the days to retirement. Literally the web page has a countdown clock.

Blog Name: Casita in the Desert, Casita in the Mountains
Blog Owner: Can't identify
Adventures of the Chatta-Egg! Travels of one couple and their 16ft Casita trailer. Posts back to 2011.

Blog Name: Chalet Camping
Blog Owner: Juim and Vickie
Camping adventures in a Chalet XL1935 A–Frame RV

Blog Name: Chinookers Journey
Blog Owner: Andrew and Jane
Chronicle of travels and RV Ownership in a Chinook Class C motorhome starting in 2011.

Blog Name: Follow the Tumble Lees!
Blog Owner: Debbie Lees
Fulltime RVers looking for adventure.

Blog Name: Dal and Kal's Journey
Blog Owner: Karen and Don Laws
Very few posts with large gaps

Blog Name: Dave'n'Kathy's Vagabond Blog
Blog Owner: Dave and Kathy
Popular site. Many followers, many posts, many page views dating back to Septemebr 2010.

Blog Name: Ready to Roam ... Retirement Living On The Road
Blog Owner: Kathy Mutchler
Nicc blog. Started in Oct 2013. Well written. Excellent use and placement of pictures – a skill in itself that I have yet to master.

Blog Name: Dirtpatch and Boo ... Adventures On Wheels
Blog Owner: Can't identify
Author is great photographer. Many pictures. Minimum text. No organization. Must just scroll through the whole blog.

Blog Name: No title
Blog Owner: Can't identify
Just starting. Needs a name. An "About" page would be good.

Blog Name: The Explore North Blog ... Living in the North, Exploring the World
Blog Owner: Murray Lundberg
Blog on Wordpress. Part of the website "Explore North" ( Devoted to the real north.

Blog Name: Flying the Koop ... from realestate to wheelestate
Blog Owner: Mike and Donna Kuper
Excellent writing, good pictures, well organized, interesting material.

Blog Name: Fuga We Tribe
Blog Owner: John and Carolyn Hicks
Lots of material and pictures. Well organized.

Blog Name: Going RV Way ... our journeys to see the majestic wonders of God
Blog Owner: Dave and Marcia Burdick
Masterful use of Google Maps to organize adventures. I'm jealous.

Blog Name: Gone By RV
Blog Owner: Karen and Steve
Use Google Maps to track locations. Lots of labels to organize. Many links. Good writing.

Blog Name: Gone RVing!
Blog Owner: Daryl White
Organize by topic and chronology

Blog Name: Goza's Wanderings and Wonderings
Blog Owner: Darrell Goza
Truck named "Freedom": Fifth Wheel named "Liberty" (gotta love it)
Many interesting posts. Uses extensive picture captions to tell stories.

Blog Name: Lone Ranger's Blog ... Russ and Terri Ranger Wandering About
Blog Owner: Russ & Terri Ranger
Blogging since Mar 2013 (292 posts). Fulltimers. Winter in Mazatlan, Mexico. Well written stories, excellent pictures with good captions on many subjects. Blog is well organized.

Blog Name: Great Escape from NJ ... Sweet Asylum living in TN
Blog Owner: Debbie and Scott
Fulltimers for three years. Now settled. Campground reviews organized by date not location.

Blog Name: Greyt RV Living ... journey of RV living with four greyhounds
Blog Owner: Terri Malloy
Travels the US attending greyhound and animal rescue events. Nice stories with abundant pictures.

Blog Name: Gypsy Jane's Blog
Blog Owner: Jane
279 posts back to 2006. Good stories about people, places, and adventures while fulltiming.

Blog Name: Heirs' Dream Travel ... couple ... and Labradors ... on the road in a 25' Airstream
Blog Owner: Can't identify
33 posts between 2012 and 2014. A few stories archived chronologically. Very dogcentric.

Blog Name: Highways and Blue Skies
Blog Owner: Jeff and Janet
Fulltiming in a 22' travel trailer since 2014. Concentrating on National Parks.

Blog Name: Hectic Short Trip RVing
Blog Owner: Can't identify
Tips about RVs and equipment. Not a travel blog.

Blog Name: Incargonito ... fulltime travel in a cargo trailer and conversion van
Blog Owner: Sharon and John Abert
Devoted to building the Tow 'er' (1997 conversion van) and the Tow 'ee' (?? travel trailer). No pictures.

Blog Name: It's A RV Life
Blog Owner: Judd and Jennifer Weaver
New bloggers, new blog. Experienced RVers. Looks good so far. Good luck.

Blog Name: Jammin' Along
Blog Owner: Merri & Steve
New blog by couple who lost all previous in some form of computer crash. Primarily Vlog (video) on YouTube.

Blog Name: Trailer Travel Tales with Reggi and Michael
Blog Owner: Reggi and Michael Wallace
Travel Blog at

Blog Name: Nealy's On Wheels ... Two people, three dogs, and one RV
Blog Owner: Deas and Jennifer Nealy
Fulltimers who winter in Florida. Many posts with plenty of pictures. However, the links to the posts are unmarked thumbnails. Can't tell where or when without opening the post. Locations are identified by pins on the map but the pins do not connect to the posts. I found the blog hard to use.

Blog Name: Noble RV Tales (but no title or header on the blog)
Blog Owner: Can't identify
Starts on 31 Mar 2014. Scroll through whole blog chronologically. No date or location tags. Blog address is wrong on RV Village post – should be "blogspot" not "blogsite"

Blog Name: Noshbus
Blog Owner: Can't identify
Reviews of restaurants, bars, and campgrounds; along with some recipes for easy preparation on the road. Posts are tagged by category, city, state. There is also a list of the most recent stops. Not a travel blog but a good way to locate restaurants, bars, and campgrounds. Not easy to search. So far all activity is in Florida and the gulf coast.

Blog Name: Not Your Granny's RV ... for everything RV from recipes to pet tips
Blog Owner: Mike & Nora Crandall
Different. Creative with many pictures. Not a travel blog.

Blog Name: Phaeth to Full-Time
Blog Owner: Robert Alexander
The adventures of a couple of full-timers. "Phaeth"for Phaeton. Nice blog with frequent postings and lots of pictures on travels.

Blog Name: RV Travel Tales (within RV Life ... a lifestyle magazine)
Blog Owner: Arlene Chandler
Arline's postings include destinations, interesting people in the RVing world, and information about Workamping.

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